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Social Update English is a part of Social Update: Independent Bengali News Portal. Social Update: Independent Bengali News Portal started its journey in 2019. After satisfying Bengali readers with our content, we have decided to expand. Social Update English is the result of that. Moto of Social Update is to serve the people with Sincere reporting. In the darkness of yellow journalism it is like a ray of light. Despite of many problems and political pressure, Social Update was quite a success. We were able to create a reader base. Reader were the best motivation for our Featured articles. Now we have decided to continue our journey in a universal/official language. So that people from all around the India and maybe other countries can connect with us. Therefore, we have created Social Update English.


Vision of Social Update English is very simple, to serve “THE PEOPLE OF INDIA“. We will serve you with news and questions. We will not serve any Government, political party, corporate or any political ideology. As a new media, we will do our duty of serious journalism. In the era of social media and internet people are getting “news”. But the majority of those “news” are misleading. Hence, its leading to communal and political violence. But it is needed to be stoped. Here we come in. We will not provide you just the news, but the proper news. We will ask the questions, what “The People Of India” wants to know. Because we serve them. We use the spectacles questions to clear our vision. So that we don’t see the colour, but the facts!

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We are a part of Social Update. So that, we use the same social media accounts.

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We are a sister concern of Hot Coffee Media Private Limited.

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Hot Coffee Media Private Limited, a Kolkata based company, is our developer. Hot Coffee Media Private Limited, is an MCA registered company providing Web Development in Kolkata as well as in the other parts of the country. Along with Web Development, they provide us graphics and posters.

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